Automated deployment of Hugo blogs with Bitbucket Pipelines & rsync

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I’ve waxed lyrical before about how much I like Hugo for blogging; the ability to just use a static site with no need to worry about security patches, database connections etc, but still with the convenience of a simple blogging platform, is very attractive. However, it does mean you can’t easily write or tweak content from simpler environments like your phone if you notice a typo, since you need a full Hugo build environment to change content.

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Hosting services: my recommendations

After hearing on Twitter how an acquaintance’s new hosting provider went ‘mammaries skyward’ this week, much to their understandable annoyance, it occurred to me that I have some recommendations I can make on this subject. While I don’t host that many sites, I’ve been doing it for long enough and had experience of both personal and medium-traffic sites that I’ve experienced the highs and lows quite a few times already.

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OGRE OS & Browser Stats

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I’ve had requests to post the OS & browser stats for the OGRE site, which I didn’t include in my previous demographics post, so here we go. A caveat to start off with - as a programmer-oriented site our users are obviously a little different in their choice of tech to the population at large! Operating Systems Not really a surprise there, Windows dominates the landscape, with Linux and OS X pulling up the rear.

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OGRE web demographics, revisited

Almost exactly three years ago, I posted an analysis of the traffic on ogre3d.org and the rough country breakdown of our users, which is always fascinating to me. I hadn’t actually been collecting web stats on the site for about a year (the previous set-up was lost when I had to recreate the server in a hurry, and somehow reinstating it never seemed to rise to the top of my TODO list), but a month ago I finally got around to adding Google Analytics to the site.

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Misery loves company

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So, now that I have basic service back at my newly reinstalled server, it’s time to start re-downloading clean packages for the software that makes up ogre3d.org. Imagine my surprise when I went to phpBB.com and saw this: Looks like I’m not the only one having a bad week 😕 Current priority is getting the forums back online, watch that space.

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Dodging bullets

Microsoft Web Yahoo!

So, as we all know the whole MicroHoo! idea has been called off now, unless you believe the conspiracy theorists who believe this is all still part of Count Ballmer’s plan to devalue Yahoo! (as some of its shareholders go through a set of inevitable legal tantrums) and make it easier to pick up later. I’m not so sure about that myself - after all didn’t the rotund billionnaire say he wasn’t going to raise the original offer for Yahoo!

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