I take it all back

In recent years, I’ve been pretty disappointed with Nintendo (barring the excellent Super Mario Galaxy) and their machines for seeming to totally miss the opportunities that their devices offered for new types of games, lamenting that they just seem content to regurgitate every game from their previous consoles and couple it with a lazy waggle / touch control scheme, and go for the super-casual brigade with things that can only be loosely described as games (Wii Fit, Wii Music), and leave it at that.

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Nintendo-free Xmas

Games nintendo wii

It’s nearly Xmas time, and I’ve just realised that this year, for what seems like the first time in ages, there will be no Nintendo games on my Xmas list. I was really pro-Wii in 2006 - with Wii Sports and Wii Play, Nintendo seemed poised on the cusp of something quite wonderful and revolutionary for gaming. It all felt so fresh again. Twilight Princess was a good game, even though its use of the Wii controller was fairly limited.

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