Converting this blog from Wordpress to Hugo

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I’ve been running this blog through a CMS since around 2003. The first version of this site that went beyond manually edited HTML ran on on PostNuke, for reasons I can no longer remember. 🤔 I moved to Wordpress around late 2005, and I’ve basically been running it ever since. It’s served me well, but as you can tell I don’t blog as often as I used to, and it got to the stage that my most frequent use of Wordpress was updating it, rather than adding content.

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Blog revamp

As I promised, I’ve given this blog a bit of an overhaul in anticipation of posting more often again. For those who are interested, here’s a run-down of the updates: New responsive design [Responsive design](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_Web_Design) is all the rage these days; in summary, it's all about making your site adapt fluidly to the reading environment so it looks good on a variety of devices, even resizing images so they always fit.

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WordPress upgrade script

script upgrade wordpress

Keeping web software up to date is a pain, but failure to do it can result in significant ramifications. Some bits of software are easier to keep up to date than others, but one thing I never like doing is using web-based upgraders. They may be convenient, but for a start they require that you give the web server far more file permissions than any sane person would want to during the upgrade process, plus the fact that any kind of ‘black box’ upgrade makes me nervous.

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