See you at WWDC!

Apple kept everyone on tenterhooks this year by announcing WWDC 2012very late - the second latest announcement ever in fact. Like many other people (11,000 of them I hear, which is alarming given that there are only 5,000 tickets to the event) I signed up to WWDC Alerts, which sent me an SMS message while I was having lunch, only a few minutes after the tickets went on sale. That I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket has a lot to do with that - about 90 minutes later, they were all gone - so big thanks to fellow Brits Anthony Herronand Aaron Wardlefor running that, completely free of charge too.

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WWDC 09 - Apple gets aggressive, in a fairly relaxed way

apple iPhone macbook wwdc

In the grand scheme of things, nothing really very surprising was announced at the WWDC 09 keynote; sure, we got a few hardware revisions and some more specific details on the next version of OS X, but there wasn’t anything singularly shattering about it. And yet, when taken as a whole, I think it was one of the most important WWDC’s yet. iPhone 3GS A speed increase, more memory, better battery life, better camera, addition of a compass so it can know which direction you’re facing as well as where you are.

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