Evil Red Tags vs Xmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I certainly did. I received a number of new games, which was good (will blog about them individually at a later juncture), but I also encountered something I haven’t done before - Evil Red DVD Tag Syndrome. For those who, like me, haven’t encountered these before, some shops in the last couple of years have been adding red theft-prevention strips to some DVD cases.

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Merry Christmas everyone


From the presentable version of us… and from the less presentable version: Yes, our 2-person band Indigo Alert is going through a Goth phase for no particular reason except that we’d already been through punk & glam rock. 😀Our 4-person band Über Syrup doesn’t really have a cohesive theme yet so was unavailable for a photo op. Online avatar toys are fun! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and new year.

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