GeoCities demise should be a warning

A few days ago, Yahoo!announced that they would be shuttering the venerable GeoCitiesthis year. “So what?” you might well ask - GeoCities is after all an ageing service from a bygone era, and apart from some nostalgia and perhaps some data that some people might have had parked there for a while, most people won’t really notice it’s passing. But nevertheless, it’s important, and people who get carried away with putting a dollar value on the current favourite websites of the day (e.

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Dodging bullets

Microsoft Web Yahoo!

So, as we all know the whole MicroHoo! idea has been called off now, unless you believe the conspiracy theorists who believe this is all still part of Count Ballmer’s plan to devalue Yahoo! (as some of its shareholders go through a set of inevitable legal tantrums) and make it easier to pick up later. I’m not so sure about that myself - after all didn’t the rotund billionnaire say he wasn’t going to raise the original offer for Yahoo!

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