YouTube putting the bullet in IE6's head?

IE6 youtube

Oh, please let this come to pass soon. TechCrunch reportsthat YouTube is due to drop support for IE6 ‘soon’, pointing users at Chrome (obviously), IE8 and Firefox 3.5. Finally, one of the worst pieces of software ever to pollute the Internet with its presence is getting taken out to the barn with a double barelled shotgun, and not a moment too soon. Sure, Digg already said they might do this, but YouTube is far more significant; if YouTube stop supporting IE6, then in practice it means I can too 😀Bye bye IE6, please do let the door hit your ass on the way out, preferably hard enough to fracture your pelvis.

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Fixing YouTube crashing Firefox 3

adblock crash firefox youtube

I noticed that in the last few days, Firefox started crashing a lot, and it seemed to be related to viewing YouTube in a tab - something I’ve done regularly for a long time. It started to annoy me, so I looked into it, and it turns out that there’s some issue with some Flash ads YouTube started running recently. So, if you get YouTube crashing when you close or open a YouTube tab, just add this filter to AdBlock:

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The utility of spam, and YouTube's velvet ropes

email spam youtube

A couple of random thoughts for a slow Sunday… You know, despite being universally reviled, spam actually has a purpose - and that is to prove that my email is working. My spam defenses are pretty good and sift out the vast majority of junk, but I still get the odd unfiltered mail every day and in a way, it’s comforting. It’s like a little heartbeat telling me that my email is indeed still online, and I will therefore be getting any important mail on time.

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